Hello world!

Welcome to AntiDisOrganisation!

I honestly have no idea why anyone would want to read my random musings, but starting this blog has been precipitated by discovering the world of Filofax blogs.  I’m something of a stationery freak (I’ve always loved browsing Rymans or WHSmith since I was really quite small) so there will definitely be some stationery/Filofax content, but also general organisation stuff (as I’m trying to be better organised), probably some crafty posts and other random musings about my life.

I suppose a bit of biographical detail would also be in order here: I’m an-almost 30 year old stay-at-home mum, living in Gloucestershire, with 2 young children (E – 3 years & A – 10 months).  I used to work as an analytical chemist, and I’m something of a computer geek.