Philofaxy Prize Metropol

Well for the first time in years, I won a competition!  I enter loads of competitions, but very rarely win anything. I think the last time was at Christmas about 5 years ago, when we a group of us at work did a quiz in the newspaper over lunch, and I emailed in the answers in for a laugh – and we won a case of champagne between 6 of us.

Anyway, for correctly answering 3 Philofaxy related questions, my prize is a rather lovely personal Metropol Filofax.

It arrived well wrapped in 2 jiffy bags (this is the inner one):

Small white jiffy bag

Ta da!  I really like the colour – it’s bright and cheerful, and co-ordinates nicely with my magenta Flex:

Kingfisher blue Metropol personal Filofax

Steve also included a couple of nice postcards:


Inside, there’s a 2012/2013 18-month diary, cream A-Z dividers, cream 1-6 dividers, some coloured paper, ‘Address’ pages, ‘To Do’ pages, ‘Today’ marker, plastic pocket, and a notepad in the back:

Filofax open at front pageYellow and blue notepaperNotepad in the back pocket

It’s got a smaller footprint than my A5 Flex (obviously) but is somewhat thicker:

Metropol on top of FlexMetropol above Flex

I know I’m not going to use it as a diary, as we use Google calendar for that, and print it to A5 to stick in my Flex, but I’m not quite sure what it will be used as yet – possibly a Craft journal?

I’d better do some more thinking … hmmm …


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  1. Congratulations on winning! The colour is a great contrast to the flex, but I’m not sure I’d want to go from A5 to personal either – I’m a sucker for that extra space. I like the idea of a craft journal, would love to see how you do it.

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