My New Notebooks

For several years before I had my Flex as a planner I organised my life primarily using an A6 spiral bound notebook.

I kept everything except the calendar in there; mostly it consisted of lists: shopping lists, errand lists, possible present lists, meeting notes & actions, contact details (to transfer to Google contacts), dates and appointments (to transfer to Google calendar), and so on.

I liked to get cheap plastic covered notebooks, and then decorate them with stickers (mostly my daughter’s stickers – I’d never realised before she was born how many stickers small children acquire!).  For example this is the last of those notebooks:

Green A6 notebook with stickers decorating it

The trouble was that keeping up with the schedule for 2 small children (and occasionally for my husband – when he was stealing my car) without having a copy of the calendar with me had become problematic, and so I purchased the Flex.  However, I still wanted the flexibility of having a small notebook that I could take separately from my whole planner (since the Flex is on the larger side, being A5).  Unfortunately, the pocket in the Flex didn’t accommodate an A6 notebook, and a spiral bound notebook would make the whole thing rather wide and unwieldy.

Clearly this issue necessitated a trip to browse some stationery shops! (My favourite kind of shopping 🙂 )  After a fair bit of looking (and testing notebooks in the pocket) I found quite a nice solution – just the right size, and not too fat:

Small Black/grey striped notebook, with stickers

It’s called PopNotes (by Oxford), and as you can see it’s already been customised with some stickers, since it scores similarly to my previous notebooks in terms of being functional, but not pretty.  It also has very nice thick paper, and takes biro, gel pen, fountain pen, pencil, and everything I’ve thrown at it so far very happily.

Here it is snuggled up in my Flex:

Notebook in Filofax Flex front pocket

After a few weeks, I decided I was so happy with it, that I’d have a quick look online to see if I could buy some more for future use (because there’s nothing worse than getting the perfect stationery, but never finding the same item ever again). I discovered PopNotes also come in a beautiful butterfly pattern, and I could order a box of 20 … so here they are, in all their multicoloured glory, ideal to complement my magenta Flex:

Pile of butterfly patterned notebooks

I almost can’t wait to finish my current notebook so I can move into one of these beauties … and I don’t think they’ll need any stickers, do you?