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I’ve always been an A5 sort of person for my planner needs – I like to have space to write.  However, as everyone knows, A5 Filofaxes are rather large beasts, and not ideally suited to fitting in handbags (even if your handbag is fairly enormous, since it doubles as a nappy bag), so what’s a girl to do?

My solution is to use a rather lovely magenta A5 Flex.  However, I don’t use the Flex inserts (they’re currently sitting in my stationery drawer, although I suppose I might attack them with a knife to use as inserts one day), I have added my own ‘rings’.  I didn’t add actual Filofax rings, like in this Philofaxy post.  My FiloFlex rings are simply a click binding, as I use these for binding documents for all sorts of purposes:

Click binding spine - white 12mm

This is a 12mm ring (although that’s bizarrely the internal measurement, the external is 16mm – the item is these) so quite a bit smaller than the smallest Filofax A5 ring size.  They aren’t quite as easy to open/close as standard Filo rings, but I don’t move my pages around all the time, so it’s not a major hassle – usually I only open and close about once a week, to remove dead pages, and change my diary pages (which I print off every fortnight from Google calendar).

I print my pages (which are currently mostly from DIY Planner), and I have a GBC punch like this one to hole-punch them.  My planner then has a nice laminated cover, and a simple A5 acetate back sheet, which slides nicely into the inside pocket of the Flex:

Planner 'book'

Planner in the Flex

You can just about see the acetate sheet on the back.

Even with a notebook and various other bits and pieces in the pockets, my A5 is nice and thin (about 25mm), and fits beautifully in my bag; it also doesn’t break my back, weighing in at 400g in total.

My FiloFlex

So there you have it, my FiloFlex.  Someday I’ll have to post in more detail on what’s inside it!


6 thoughts on “My FiloFlex

  1. That’s a great solution! As the guy who fitted the rings you mention in your post (it was actually an old Time Manager Compact 13mm mechanism that I fitted – not a Filofax one), I think your way looks a very up-to-date way of doing it.

    I think 12-13mm is about as big as you can go. Keep us posted on how it works! Tim

  2. This is a great idea! I love my flex, but this even adds to the ‘flexibility’ and makes it so much easier to combine my favourite printed templates with it. I’ve been trying to fathom a way to do something similar with the Staples Arc system, but this looks much simpler to accomplish. Thanks!

  3. Forgive the double comment and the noobish question, but do they sell an A5 version of the combs or do you buy the A4 ones and chop them in half? Thanks and apologies!

    • Not a daft question at all! As far as I’m aware, they don’t do A5 ones, so I just cut them up.

      Similarly the punch is A4 sized, but if you put A5 in at the top you conveniently don’t get any ‘half holes’ at the bottom.

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