Cult Pen(cils)

Oops – where did September and October go?  (The answer is: they were swallowed by attempting to do most of a 9 month Open University course in 2 months, including the exam.  The good news is that if I passed the exam then I’ve got my degree!)

Anyway, this post is just a quick shout about the wonderful service I’ve received from Cult Pens this week.

Once my OU exam was over, I decided that since I’d completely worn away one of my favourite pencil highlighters revising, and the other one was about half its original length, it was time to try to find a new one (I’ve had the same ones for years – considerably more than 6 years, because they’re the only thing I’ve ever used on my OU module books).  Unfortunately, it appeared that Faber-Castell ‘universal fluorescent drylighters 1148’ were discontinued, but with a bit of googling, I found that they’d actually reused the model number for a slightly different pencil, the ‘Textliner Dry 1148‘.

I ordered one yesterday morning from Cult Pens, along with a nice chunky 2B pencil for my daughter who loves doing workbooks, but needs a nice soft pencil lead – so it’s easy to rub out – and finds a chunky pencil easier to hold.  This morning, guess what arrived in the post:

Yup – I’m pretty impressed with 25 hours from order to arrival!

Plus they also included this free sample:

Free sample Schneider pen.

Which is a rather nice Schneider rollerball pen.  Unfortunately, the grip on it leaves me cold – and it makes my writing look like writing with biro (very untidy), but hopefully my husband will be able to make use of it.

Many thanks to Cult Pens!